Carolina and George’s Wedding at Saint Anthony in Pasadena and The London Hotel in West Hollywood, California // Album Layout

Fun never stops when you are hanging out with Carolina and George!

Carolina and George had a special chemistry between them. It was so obvious that you could not help but be adored by them. George was giddy the whole day. He was a big boy having so much fun, it was almost impossible to take a picture of him without him making a funny face. Carolina smiled and laughed as it became apparent to us that she just could not take her eyes off George. It was love so strong that you felt it with all your heart.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church in Pasadena, and their wedding reception at The London West Hollywood.

























Carolina and George’s wedding album is 9.5″ by 13″ in size with 48 pages (Additional pages are available upon request). Each image above represents a spread, which equals to 2 pages, as if they are opened for viewing while laying flat (First image is the cover of the album). Based on the photographs you selected to go into your wedding album, we will create a customized album layout for you that we feel best at telling the story of your very special day.

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