June and Jeff’s Wedding at Cafe Pinot in Downtown Los Angeles, California // Album Layout

Jeff is a professional Poker player. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t really tell if Jeff was nervous sweating, or it was just a really, really hot day.

June is one of the most relaxed brides we’ve worked with. She was extremely easy-going, and she enjoyed the moment to the fullest (Except the fact that she grew up in the East Coast, and the Los Angeles heat was cramming her style). Everyone had so much fun, we don’t think we stopped laughing at any time during the evening.

Their wedding was held at Café Pinot in Downtown LA, right next to the beautiful Central Library. Here is the album layout for their wedding.





















June and Jeff’s wedding album is 9.5″ by 13″ in size with 40 pages (Additional pages are available upon request). Each image above represents a spread, which equals to 2 pages, as if they are opened for viewing while laying flat (First image is the cover of the album). Based on the photographs you selected to go into your wedding album, we will create a customized album layout for you that we feel best at telling the story of your very special day.

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