Julie and Robert’s Engagement Session in Downtown L.A.

Julie and Robert are one of the five winning couples in our Free Wedding Package Giveaway. In fact, they were the very first couple to respond to our contest! After a brief conversation over the phone with Julie and Robert, we picked downtown Los Angeles for their engagement session.

It was a week after the Chinese New Year and a parade was going through Chinatown. All the traffics in the area were at a near standstill. At first I thought that the crowded streets in Chinatown would have made a great environment for our shoot, but parking was a nightmare and the entire area was simply inaccessible, so I had to give up that plan.

Chinatown was a no go, but we still managed to cover a couple spots in the downtown area. After the shoot, Julie and Robert treated us to some delicious Korean BBQ for dinner. We had a great time. Thank you guys!

Here’s me looking at Julie and Robert through the viewfinder:

  • Robert Nguyen - Hey Jason and Debbie!!!!

    The teaser pictures look great guys. Thank you so much for taking time out of both your busy schedules, to do this for all the winning couples. You guys took some great pictures and made the sessions very enjoyable. Cant wait to see the other pictures. Once again, thank you very much and see you guys soon in AprilFebruary 23, 2009 – 4:19 pm

  • julie - love the picutures!February 23, 2009 – 4:24 pm

  • Jason - Thanks guys! We had a great time too! Good luck on the rest of your wedding plannings and we’ll see you soon!!February 23, 2009 – 4:36 pm

  • Linda - you guys are just too talented! and too sweet! so many of my wedding guests commented on how much they loved you two as a couple! i know there’s only one shot of our wedding, but damn YOU are good!!!! now, if you actually captured a pretty shot of me walking down the aisle without the ugly cry look, i will bow down to you forever!

    btw: i love the engagement pictures for this couple; they’re beautiful.March 4, 2009 – 3:23 pm

  • Jason - Thank you Linda. We really enjoyed your wedding too!! And don’t worry about tearing up at your own wedding. You were beautiful!March 4, 2009 – 3:29 pm

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