Ruby, Reilly, and their parents at Redondo Beach

Joni said that they want to do a lifestyle, family portrait session at Redondo Beach. Debbie and I live 15 minutes walking distance away from it, so it is an environment we are very familiar with.

We were set to shoot on a Sunday, thinking that it would be a nice, quiet, and intimate session… except when we got there, the parking lot was full and crowds and crowds of people were there. It was the 2009 Art & Jazz Festival on the Redondo Beach Pier! The crowds were not what we wanted to have in our shots, so we had to walk a little ways from the pier to find settings that can give us the intimate family feelings despite the festivity around us.

Joni’s husband is also called Jason. They have two adorable daughters, Reilly and Ruby. They were active, outgoing, and full of smiles and laughter. We had a good time!

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