Cruising around Alaska

We were away on vacation this past September. Normally September is not a month we’d taken time off, but this family trip was planned more than a year ago by my in-laws. They wanted a trip where everyone gets to go away and spends time together. Debbie and I have not been away on vacation for years, therefore we decided that even though September was still part of the wedding season, we were going to sneak away for 7 days for some sightseeing in Alaska and some family times together. And we did.

We went on Celebrity Cruises, departed from Seattle and visited the following places: Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria (British Columbia). The sceneries were gorgeous and breath-taking. We handheld a piece of the glazier, and we even saw the Northern Light! The only thing that prevented this trip from being perfect was the fact that I overestimated my ability to spend an extended amount of time on a sailing ship… (-_-)

Here are just a few highlights from our Alaska trip:










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