Jean and Nolan’s Wedding/Anniversary Reception in Marina Del Rey, California

Jean and Nolan got married in 2009, but they never got around to host a wedding reception for their friends and families. So on their First-Year Anniversary, they put one together and it was beautiful, heart-warming, and full of joy.

What stood out the most at their reception were their PowerPoint presentations. Yes, you heard me right. Jean put together a PowerPoint presentation and talked about some of the interesting facts about Nolan, and Nolan talked about how he and Jean met, the first time he visited Jean’s family, how he proposed to Jean, and what their future plans are (including making babies). They both did such a great job that the whole ballroom bursted into laughters over and over during their presentations. I had tears in my eyes because I laughed so hard. It was so fun!

Jean and Nolan’s wedding / anniversary reception was hosted at Shanghai Red’s Restaurant in Marina Del Rey.

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