Tracy and Song’s Trash The Dress Session in San Francisco, California

A Trash-The-Dress session usually takes place a day or two after the wedding, because most brides would prefer keeping their dress in its most perfect condition for the big day. In Tracy’s case, that just won’t do.

Initially, Tracy and Song wanted to do a Bridal Fashion shoot, so they could have pictures of themselves in their tuxedo and wedding dress. They wanted to be seen in locations near the place they call home. We had Princess Sarah, hair and makeup artist, along for the shoot. We went to Golden Gate Park, the beach, and downtown area of San Francisco. Tracy was such a trooper. Not only was she able to withstood the freezing weather, she was camera-ready at all times with a beautiful smile. Song was a little nervous, but we were able to get him to relax a little.

Oh yes, I said that initially Tracy wanted to do a Bridal Fashion, not Trash-The-Dress. Their wedding was going to take place 8 weeks later in China, but when we got to the beach, we talked about the kind of image we’d like to create, and even though we told her that the water would be freezing, Tracy decided to turn the Bridal Fashion shoot into Trash-The-Dress. She embraced the sand, the water, and the cold. In the end, we had beautiful imagery.

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